How you can help


The easiest option is a direct monetary donation that goes straight to the pastor building the current orphanage we’re supporting.  This is our business PayPal account and donations will be tracked and we will hopefully be making monthly transparency posts to show donations received, when we sent the money, and what the current orphanage spent the donations on.  To donate, click here!

Blood of Jesus Ministry Uganda.

  • Goal.  3 rooms completed so they can safely be together including plumbing,
  • Sponsors for each of the children to keep in school ($60 x 3 semesters)
  • Provisions that allow adequate nutrition, mosquito nets, prompt treatment of illnesses.
  • Then continue to finish the orphanage.
  • Purchase a van.

School supplies Fall of 2011. 177357_120582614765924_922683991_o

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