Meeting my friend Beverly Garrett Rich

Meeting my friend Beverly Garrett Rich, her misfortune, made me dig in with both heels!!


Beverly Garrett Rich with Pastor Stephen Collins wife.

Vacation Bible School at Anutt Community church wanted to buy mosquito nets in 2012.After calling Susan Cary who had been to Jinja.  She gave me a Facebook link to Beverly.   I sent the money through Albuquerque Calvary Chapel after chatting with Beverly on Facebook.I patted myself on the back and in my head, composed a thank you note. She and her husband had been missionaries since 1998.  When she picked up her monthly stipend, for Calvary Chapel, Jinja, her car was surrounded by bandits at the gate, one shot through the drivers side window.  Glass entered her eye, (it is still there).  At that point I am on my  knees, for Beverly, and out of that, I said satan, you don’t want me to help Pastor Ronald Lufafa in the     Dug in both heels.  It was so great to meet Beverly!!!

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