A quick update and words from Senga Joycie and Kojac Butch

This update comes in a roundabout way from Aunt Joycie, currently in Jinja, Uganda with Pastor Lufafa and all of the orphans.  There are a couple of typos but since I’m not certain what was meant, for now, we’ll leave them.  She’s going to update us better later this week.  I think it’s 99 students under one roof…

“Yesterday, we visited a school, 999 students, that we were allowed to speak too. We visited a school/orphanage where some of children are temporarely housed. The orphanage is all under roof. I estimate w $15,000 it could be lived in. Today we had a wonderful trip to the source of the Nile and out into Lake Victoria. Awesome.

Tomorrow we will meet Pastor Ronald Lufafa’s wife. Still no baby, but we will go and share gifts that our church provided. Thanks Annut Community church! I feel God is with us. Keep up your prayers. We can see why there are so many boda boda accidents, they are everywhere.

We will have, photos, narrative and names about each child Sat. Good Night from Jinja town,

Singa Joycie and Kojac Butch”

Below is a quick slideshow of some of their journey so far, photos of Pastor Lufafa, a lot of the orphans, eating some papaya, cooking corn meal and beans for the kids, and more.  I think my mom has found her new calling.

If you can support in any way – even just sharing this post and sending your prayers – I know my mom would greatly appreciate it.  If you can support the cause financially, thank you so so much.  These kids deserve a lot better than the world has shown them.  Let’s show them it’s not all bad and that we can help.

Donate here!  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  We will be posting a monthly transparency report to show the funds as they leave us and go to the Pastor. Thank you again for any help.


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