Whew, excitement is growing!!

Two weeks from today, we will be in Uganda!!

Lord, keep me focused as I prepare things for the trip.  I look forward to seeing Hannah and Aaron Mas0n, with truck parts.  Will learn more about their work with Water For All International. Will meet Beverly Garrett Rich, at Calvary Chapel,  whose attempted robbery brought me to my knees, and caused me to dig in to help Pastor Ronald Lufafa at  bojmu.org , to meet him and his wife, Aida and Baby Lufafa (we hope). To travel with Calvary Chapel, and see their work in Jinja, Uganda.  I know travelling and rooming with the people from Troy will create a wonderful new group of friends. Thanks Kim Silverberg for allowing us this privilege. We hope we are not too old for this journey.

Most of all Lord, we praise you for the opportunity to meet these children that we have prayed over, as they have prayed over us, our family, our church.  Help us to see what total reliance on you looks like.

Lord, keep us calm, keep us centered on you, keep us open to the Holy Spirit guiding us.

In Jesus name.


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